Say Hello to Wundereggs: The First Plant-Based Boiled Eggs

While the niche market of plant-based eggs already has scrambled egg applications covered via an assortment of brands, Crafty Counter will soon be entering the space with Wundereggs, a product that's billed as the first plant-based ready-to-eat hard-boiled eggs. Wundereggs are gluten free, soy free, grain free and dairy free. The eggs are treated with high pressure processing, which gives them a shelf life of 90-120 days. As for what they’re made of, the egg whites contain nuts and agar, while the yolk contains nuts, turmeric, and black salt. Saturated fat levels in the cholesterol-free Wundereggs are around the same as regular eggs, but contain slightly more calories and less protein than chicken eggs. Crafty Counter is, however, looking at how to increase protein levels without compromising taste or texture. Sold in packages of two, the introductory price will be around $5 when the company launches later this year.