Hong Kong Gangster Kidnaps Son of the Richest Man in Asia and Then Asks For Investment Advice

For the first time, Asia’s richest man, Hong Kong businessman Li Ka-Shing, has revealed details of the kidnapping of his eldest son, Victor Li, in 1996. The kidnapper was gangster Cheung Tze-keung, notoriously known by his nickname, “Big Spender.” Li said Cheung collected the ransom money of $162 million, and then proceeded to call him up asking for advice on how to invest the money. The 85-year-old tycoon recalled telling the gangster that he had taken enough money to spend for the rest of his life, and that while he had the chance he should fly far away. Li also told Cheung to turn over a new leaf and be a good man, because if he didn’t his ending would be a sad one. Apparently, Li was right. In 1998, Cheung was captured after police received a tip that he and his gang were transporting suspicious boxes across the border. Cheung and his men were arrested, and an investigation of the boxes revealed 1,700 pounds of explosives, which were meant to bomb a prison. Cheung and his men were arrested and convicted and were executed in front of a firing squad.


Li Ka-Shing and his son Victor