World’s Largest Time Capsule in Nebraska is Nearing Its Opening

The tiny town of Seward is considered Nebraska’s official “Fourth of July City.” It’s also known for having the world’s largest time capsule. In 1975, local furniture store owner Harold Davisson decided to build a time capsule, and he wanted it to be the world’s largest time capsule. So, he took a 45-ton vault and buried it in his front yard, stuffing it with over 5,000 items, including a brand new yellow Chevy Vega with zero miles, a motorcycle, coins and stamps, letters, and even a bikini. He even drew national coverage when it was featured on ABC’s Good Morning America. In 1983, Davisson added a pyramid to the top of the structure and placed another car and tons of phone books to maintain its standing with Guinness Book of World Records as the largest time capsule in the world. The time capsule is still there, and it’s even still on some national travel guides. Unfortunately, Harold Davisson died in 1999, but his daughter Trish now lives in the family home next to the capsule. Sometimes she gives tours, and even shoos away night-time visitors who try to climb the structure. She has also had to explain time and time again that she’s not able to open the time capsule. That’s because her father left instructions that it’s not to be opened until July 4, 2025, a mere four years away. Trisha says that on that day, she will be remembering her dad, in his plaid pants, proudly standing in front of the structure. She doesn’t have all the plans for its opening sorted out, but one thing she’s sure of: “We will have free hot dogs, just like my dad did in 1975.”