The Game-Changing One-Handed Avocado Trick That’s Taking the Internet By Storm

A young woman named Lottie Dalziel posted a simple video on Instagram, showing how to quickly remove an avocado pit, and the Internet has gone crazy over it. Lottie explained how you don’t need a spoon, just a quick placement of your thumb and two fingers will pop the pit out in a heartbeat. This isn’t the first time Lottie has shared her secrets for all things avocado. Not long ago she shared her trick for quickly ripening an avocado when she wanted to make guacamole but didn’t have any ripe avocados. She just popped her avocado in the air fryer on 400º F for 10 minutes. While that’s a good trick, Millennials everywhere are even more excited about learning how to pop the pit from their beloved fruit without the drudgery of having to use a spoon.