San Francisco Startup Debuts First-Ever Manicure Robot

Startup company Clockwork has debuted the first-ever manicure robot, which can perfectly paint nails in about 10 minutes for only $7.99. The lab’s two new machines take photos of customers’ nails and then coat them with polish, getting them in and out the door in a fraction of the time it takes to get a traditional manicure. Customers must make appointments and are told to arrive with clean nails, though they can use the lab’s nail polish remover to wipe them down. When the customers are ready, their hands are placed one at a time inside the machine. One finger is placed under a sensor, and cameras inside take photos of the nail to determine its exact shape. The machine then paints each nail, one at a time, though it  doesn’t cut or shape them. For now that’s an extra service that will need to be performed elsewhere. While those who have been through the experience love the time and money they save, they don’t think the machine will replace the artistry of nail technicians.