How To Make Your Perfume Last In Hot Weather

Smelling nice in the summer comes with its challenges, but now there’s some advice that might make it easier. A perfume expert has revealed her top tips for how you should use your fragrances to make sure the scent lingers as long as possible. Elizabeth Richards of The Perfume Shop says it’s time to forget about spraying your wrists and neck and focus on other areas. Spritzing your fragrance on your hair, elbows and belly button can make it last longer in the summer months. Another important step is to layer your fragrance by moisturizing before spraying, and don’t rub your wrists together because the friction can cause floral scents to lose their crispness. Last, but not least, whatever you do, don’t keep your perfume in the bedroom or bathroom. Instead, store it in the refrigerator. Chilling a perfume gives it maximum impact and keeps it smelling fresh all day.