When Common Sense Goes Over the Heads of Interior Designers

Good design is about finding the delicate balance between form and function. Though a lot depends on what you want to get done, a good rule of thumb is to keep your designs simple so that they’re easily understood, practical and aesthetic. Some people, however, throw out the rule book, choosing instead to wing it. If you’re in the mood for a good laugh, the following design faux pas will have you doing some belly laughing and facepalming.


The steps every homeowners insurance company dreads

Right UP the drain

What were they thinking???

Imagine having to clean it

This designer used to work for a sofa company

Doesn't everybody have a carpeted tub?

Gives the word "throne" new meaning

All that's missing is a jukebox and soda fountain

Look, crown mould-mould-mould-mould-mould-moulding

The ultimate throne

"Yeah, boss, the refrigerator fits."

Why have a shower curtain when you can have shower blinds?