The Most Relaxing Song in the World

Whatever your stress, no matter what has you wound up, regardless of how up tight you are, there’s one song that’s guaranteed to help you relax. In fact, it’s called the “most relaxing song in the world” — a description which scientists agree with. The song is “Weightless” by UK band Marconi Union. The British Academy of Sound Therapy assisted the band in writing the song, with special consideration toward sounds that would help soothe listeners. “Weightless” includes a heartbeat-like rhythm, calming melodies, and the incorporation of gentle chimes. When those elements come together, they provide a world-class experience in relaxation. Studies have shown that listening to the 8-minute song slows the listener’s pulse and makes them feel as if they’re in something of a pleasant trance. So, the next time you’re wound up or have a bout of insomnia, press play on “Weightless,” close your eyes, and drift off to sleep.