"Memory Cop" Uses Incredible Face Recognition Skills to Catch 2,100 Suspects

An eagle-eyed police officer dubbed “Memory Cop” has used his mind-blowing face recognition skills to catch 2,100 suspects, including those wearing face masks. England’s Andy Pope boasts a photographic memory, which means he can recall faces from CCTV images years after he’s seen them. Just like a camera can freeze a moment in time in the form of a photograph, Pope is able to take mental snapshots and then later recall these snapshots without error. Last year, his ability led to 406 people being caught, 16 in just one day, and he has now sailed past the 2,000 milestone. The 43-year-old says he relies on instinct to catch crooks, despite face coverings making them harder to spot. Pope became one of the first 20 people in the world to form part of the Super Recognizers Association.