Neighbors React To a Letter From Exhausted Parents

Few things cause more stress for parents than a baby who just won’t sleep. Parents find themselves utterly drained after numerous sleepless nights, where their baby wakes up multiple times a night. At this point, many look for solutions that could put an end to the insomniac nightmare, and that’s what happened to one couple who's making the rounds on social media for a letter they wrote to their neighbors. The letter was written by the “tired and sorry” Ward family, who warned everyone they would be trying the somewhat controversial “cry-it-out” method, which involves letting the baby shed some tears and be fussy for a set period of time. Here’s a copy of the letter the Wards sent. 

As a result of being honest with their neighbors, the Wards discovered that their neighbors were more understanding than they expected, with some dropping off chocolate chip cookies and others providing wine and baby lotion. It just does to show that a little preparation can go a long way.