Why the Chair Challenge Is Nearly Impossible For Men

There’s a challenge that has circulated on social media that shows women being able to complete a chair-lifting challenge, while men are completely unable to do the same thing. So, why can’t men do it? Some people think it has something to do with core strength or the ability to bend in that position, but it actually has more to do with center of mass and how big the size of someone’s foot is. People with larger feet will put them farther away from the wall and extend their center of mass away from a position that their muscles can’t act as a level and move them across the anchor of their center of mass. Although the challenge may be new today, it actually surfaced decades before social media ever existed, when Archie Bunker gave it a try on All in the Family (view here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXxrfqY0kA0&feature=emb_logo).