When Wills Go Very Wrong

Gail Posner was the Leona Helmsley of the Sunshine State. Her father, Victor Posner, was known as one of the highest-paid business executive of his generation, and was the pioneer of the corporate takeover. When he died in 2002, Gail inherited his $200 million fortune. Unfortunately, the 67-year-old heiress died in 2010. She created quite a stir when she bequeathed her 7-bedroom, $8.3 million Miami mansion and a $3 million trust fund to her over-pampered dogs, a chihuahua named Conchita, a Maltese named April Maria, and a Yorkshire Terrier named Lucia. Also hitting the jackpot were seven personal aides, including bodyguards and housekeepers, who were given a total of $26 million and the right to live rent-free in the mansion while caring for the animals. The bizarre case is reminiscent of “Queen of Mean” Helmsley, who left $12 million to her Maltese named Trouble, while ignoring two of her grandchildren.