Weatherman Sued For Incorrect Prediction

Most people agree that meteorologists are the only people in the world who can keep their jobs after failing miserably. However, few people would ever try to sue one for not getting the forecast right. One of those few people is an Israeli woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, who sued the TV channel, along with weather forecaster Danny Rup in small claims court for $1,000 because his forecast was incorrect. The woman had listened to Rup’s forecast and decided that she could leave home dressed lightly. That turned out to be the wrong decision, as the day quickly turned nasty. Because she was out in inclement weather, she claims that she caught the flu and missed out on four days of work. She also spent $38 on medication, and suffered emotional stress because of the incident. The woman said she not only wanted financial compensation for the suffering and sickness she endured, but she also wanted Rup to apologize for getting the weather wrong. In the end, the TV station settled the case out of court for $1,000. Given the fact that she won this case, it will be interesting to see if other similar cases start to crop up in places around the world. If every weather forecaster around the world had to pay and apologize for when they got the weather wrong, they would need a 24/7 channel just for apologies.