UK Restricts Promotion of Foods High in Fat, Salt and Sugar

The UK government announced on Monday that it will place restrictions on the promotion of food and drinks that are high in fat, salt and sugar beginning in April 2022. Under the new rules, retailers will be prohibited from offering multi-buy deals such as “buy one get one free” offers on such foods. Promotion of unhealthy foods and drinks will also be banned from locations such as checkouts, entrances and ends of aisles. They also can’t be featured in prominent positions on retailers’ websites. Even catering businesses will be prohibited from providing free refills on sugary soft drinks. While the government feels they are creating an environment that will improve the health of the nation, the benefits of the new measures have been disputed by those who believe the new rule will hurt businesses and drive up prices for consumers, while doing nothing to reduce the public’s waistlines. The new guidelines follow the government’s recently implemented “obesity strategy,” which prohibits junk food advertising on television before 9 p.m.