This Online Community Is Dedicated To Calling Out Fake Instagrammers, and Here Are Some of the Best

If a photo on Instagram looks too good to be true, it probably is. Even though the platform can be an entertaining and inspiring place, it can also be misleading. Photography tricks and post-production dissolves the difference between real and fake. In fact, some people try to make use of it by turning their looks into what they think society desires to see, rather than what's really there. Eventually, it got so bad that a group called Instagram Reality emerged and is dedicated to exposing fakers in order to stop the spread of unrealistic expectations. Here are some of the best “specimens” the group has rounded up and called out.


Found on a dating app. We’re seriously concerned.

You’ve GOT to be kidding! Where did those legs come from????

Pores? What pores?

She Photoshopped a Lamborghini logo on her Honda steering wheel. Even the blue Lambo in the background looks fake.

When the mirror lets you down.


Is it real or Memorex?

We’re not doctors, but isn’t her head a bit small???

This is what happens when you’re a 51-year-old woman who doesn’t need Photoshopping.