This Knife Is Shaped Specifically to Get the Most Out of Every Jar of Peanut Butter

Almost everybody has had to deal with that last bit of peanut butter that’s stuck at the bottom of the jar. It’s so close, yet nearly impossible to scoop out with a standard knife. Often, you just have to end up with more peanut butter on your hands and knuckles than on the knife when trying to scrape it out. Now, there’s the PB-JIFE — a uniquely-shaped knife that allows you to get into all the weird curvatures of the peanut butter jar to scoop out the last bit of goodness. It’s ergonomically designed with an extra-long 7-inch blade and curved tip that lets you reach deep into the bottom of any size jar. The PB-JIFE isn’t just for peanut butter jars, but can also be used in any kind of jar, from jelly to mayonnaise. The blade is stainless steel, while the handle is heavy plastic. It’s also dishwasher safe. You can pick up the PB-JIFE on the company’s website at for just $12.99 plus shipping and handling.