The Man Who Rode His Bike From Sweden to Nepal to Climb Mt. Everest

Yes, you read that right. In October 1995, Goran Kropp departed Jonkoping, Sweden, with a destination of Mt. Everest in Nepal. On his bicycle, he carried 285 pounds of gear, bound for a place 6,000 miles away. He arrived the following May, and on May 23rd, the 6’3”, 240-pound man — who earned the nickname “Crazy Swede" — climbed to the top of the world alone and without Sherpas and without oxygen. After that, he rode home on his bike, with all his gear in tow. That wasn’t his last adventure. Kropp attempted to ski to the North Pole, but suffered frostbite and had to stop. Then he decided to sail from Sweden to McMurdo Sound in Antarctica, ski to the South Pole and back to McMurdo, and the sail back home. Tragically, he never got to take that adventure. The 35-year-old died when his protective carabiner pulled out of the rock to which it was attached as he attempted to climb Frenchman Coulee in Washington state. He fell 60 feet to his death.