Portable Toilets “Sing" Christmas Carols In Festive Display

Few will argue that 2020 has left many people feeling like things are going down the toilet, but as the year nears its end an Indiana sanitation company has come up with a unique idea for spreading Christmas cheer. Service Sanitation of Gary, Indiana, uses its portable toilets for an annual light show set to music, with animated faces on the port-a-potties that lip-sync to the songs. They call it “The Jingle Johns, A Lighted Loo Experience.” The company has set a record for the most animated faces on a single holiday light display for its 32-toilet rendition of “Hallelujah.” Service Sanitation is also touring four of the port-a-potties around parts of Indiana and Illinois for a 20-minute live light show with several songs. The schedule is up on the company’s website, with stops scheduled at church events, a drive-in movie and a New Year’s Eve fireworks celebration. Event organizers from Indianapolis to Milwaukee may still be able to book a Jingle Johns appearance. Service Sanitation also has a form to request them on its website.