Origami House Can Be Folded Up, Moved, and Installed In Just 3 Hours

If you’ve always dreamed of packing up your house and moving it whenever you like, this foldable tiny house that comes with plumbing and electrical wiring pre-installed might be just the thing for you. Latvian startup Brette Haus only started producing its ingenious foldable houses last year, but the innovative design and technology has already made quite an impression on the public and housing experts. Using cross-laminated timber as the main construction material, Brette Haus can build an entire house in just 8 weeks, and then install it anywhere in 3-4 hours. Because it doesn’t require a permanent foundation, the foldable house can be moved at any time. There are currently three designs, varying in size between 200 and 500 square feet, with a 750 square foot option currently in the works. The houses sell for between $26,000 to $56,000, depending on size.