Meet Bart the Miracle Cat

Ellis Hutson was shocked to find his cat Bart lying in the road, stiff and in a pool of blood after being hit by a car. Emotionally unable to bury his beloved cat, Hutson asked his neighbor Dave to dig a shallow grave for the feline. Five days later, a disheveled Bart was found meowing for food by another of Hutson’s neighbors, Dusty Albritton, who immediately delivered the cat to Hutson. A shocked but delighted Hutson rushed Bart to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, where the cat had surgery to remove his damaged eye and treat his broken jaw. After seeing Bart's injuries, they dubbed him “Bart the Miracle Cat.” They said they had never seen a case that bad. Further investigation revealed that Bart had managed to claw his way out of his early grave. Fortunately, he had enough wits about him to find his way back to his home. After a period of recovery and rehabilitation, Bart now has a new lease on life.