Floridians Might Soon Enjoy a New Dish: Snake & Eggs

Florida state officials would like to see pythons on the menu — not because of their nutritional value, but as another way to encourage hunting to control their population. Burmese pythons are considered an invasive species in Florida, and the voracious appetite of these apex predators disrupts the food chain in environmentally fragile areas like the Everglades. Believed to have begun their invasion after owners released them into the wild, pythons have multiplied at a staggering rate and the state has struggled to reign them in. There is, however, a concern about eating pythons because they could contain too much mercury for human consumption. The state has now begun research into the issue. Those who do eat python say there are numerous ways to prepare it, including putting it in chili and stir fry. Some people say the best way to eat python is to pressure cook it for 10-15 minutes, sauté it with onions and garlic, and add it to pasta, while others prefer a nice python filet. As for the taste, most people say the taste comes closest to that of pork.