Entrepreneur Builds 6,450-Square-Foot Floating Sea Mansion

A Chinese entrepreneur — known only by the nickname “Coastline” — spent a year and $61,000 building himself a 6,450-square-foot, 2-bedroom floating home on the coast of Fujian province. The home is held in place by 16 metal anchors, each weighing about a ton. If he ever wants to move the home, all he has to do is raise those anchors and have a powerboat tow the mansion to its new location. The floating home named Haixi offers a 360-degree view of the sea and is located in a calm bay off the coast of Dongshan. In September, Coastline opened his floating mansion as a hotel. He didn’t partner with any booking services, as he only wants to rent the house by word of mouth. He has been so inundated with requests that he now has to reserve a few days for himself months in advance.