Why “The Voice” Winners Aren’t Famous

With shows like American Idol shooting some of their winners into stardom, it’s hard to believe that The Voice hasn’t followed suit. According to the judges, there seems to be a problem with the record label dropping the ball. Republic Records teams up with NBC to sign the winners of the contest to a recording contract. There’s only one problem — many of them get dropped shortly after signing. Host Adam Levine said, “We work with these artists and give them this tremendous workshop and get them to the end of the show, and I think the work that we do on the show is amazing. We give these guys this incredible platform and this really rare thing, a lot of exposure and air time. Once we pass the torch, it is the record label that completely destroys that.” Six years and 12 seasons of The Voice have yet to produce a star with the visibility or name recognition of American Idol’s biggest hitters. It doesn’t look like The Voice is in the business of really making superstar dreams come true.