Why It’s So Easy To Lose Track of Time In Quarantine

There may have been a time in your life when you would find it odd to hear people say they’ve forgotten what day it is, but thanks to the quarantine orders, more people are saying it. The reason we forget is because we’ve lost our structure. We no longer think of Monday as Monday — we think of it as the day we have a teleconference, the day we have to go to the grocery store, or the day we have to drop something off at the post office. Without tasks and activities for specific days, they begin to lose their identity. Working from home compounds the problem. While going to the office on Friday and being home on Saturday used to define these days, now all the days look alike. What can you do? Try to adopt a new routine with a defined schedule. Begin anchoring days of the week to specific tasks. Reserve the weekends for what you would normally do — watch a movie, read a book, go to the park. Above all, get outside. In addition to fresh air, getting sun will help your body clean up some of the confusion on its own.