The Deepest Metro Station In the World

The average metro train doesn’t go beyond a few stories underground, but sometimes the geology and the geography of the region, forces engineers to go deep underground. The Arsenalna, a station on Kiev Metro's Sviatoshynsko-Brovarska Line, is such an exception. Arsenalna station is located 346 feet below the surface, making it the deepest metro station in the world. If you made a vertical shaft on earth as deep, you could drop the entire Statue of Liberty into it and still have more than 40 feet of headroom left to drop other stuff. To board a subway train at the Arsenalna station, commuters have to take two seemingly never-ending escalators to the bottom. The journey takes up to five minutes. Arsenalna’s unusual depth is attributed to Kiev's geography. The station entrance lies at the top of a steep valley next to the Dnieper River, whose high banks rise above the rest of the city. In order to avoid a steep descent, the Arsenalna station had to be built on the same level, which required the station’s entrance to be at the top of the banks, more than a 300 feet above.