Bird-Friendly Glass Looks Like a Spider Web To Birds

A new bird-friendly glass has been developed that could prevent the deaths and serious injuries of countless birds that fly at high speed into glass windows. Birds don't see transparent glass, instead being misled by the landscape reflected in the window or seen through it into thinking their way is clear of obstacles. Stickers attached to the glass have been shown to have almost no effect and are only mildly effective when they cover a significant portion of the glass. Now, a new product called Ornilux Mikado glass addresses the issue. The insulating glass was developed by German company Arnold Glas and is glass sheeting with a special UV-reflective coating that's almost invisible to the human eye, but looks like a spider's web to birds. The glass was tested on 19 species of garden birds in a flight tunnel at the Radolfzell Bird Sanctuary and proved to reduce bird collisions by 76%.