This Pug Has Become An Internet Star For Predicting People's Moods

A pug named Noodle is taking over the Internet for his apparent ability to predict what kind of day people are going to have. The 13-year-old canine, based in New York City, has regular videos posted of him playing the prediction game. The gig — called “bones or no bones” — is simple, yet unpredictable. Each morning, Noodles owner, Jonathan Graziano, wakes up the sleeping pooch. If the pug tumbles back to his bed, then it’s a “no bones” day, meaning you should take it easy and avoid risks. If, however, Noodle remains standing after being awakened, it’s a “bones day,” which signals that you should go out there and get some work done. People are now using Noodle’s videos to figure out whether they should spend the day relaxing or getting some work done. Check out one of Noodle’s videos for yourself.