Please Don't Store These Things on Your Kitchen Counter

Are you an uber-organized minimalist whose kitchen looks like it belongs on the cover of Good Housekeeping? If your kitchen resembles more of a disturbing way station for stuffed animals, mail, hairbrushes, stickers, and disembodied Legos, you’re not alone. No matter your organization skills (or lack thereof), there are certain household items that just shouldn’t be stored on your kitchen counters. Besides the sheer anxiety the mess can cause, there are other valid reasons to tuck the following items away.



Appliances you don’t use daily should be put away, even though they’re tough to store. Things like blenders, stand-mixers, juicers, bread machines, electric can openers, and even toasters if you’re not using them every morning should be put away. 



Not only do knife blocks take up valuable real estate on your counter and breed bacteria, the repeated scraping of the blade against wood upon removal can dull your knives over time. Whatever you do, don’t just toss them in a drawer with other kitchen gadgets. Besides the inherent danger of cutting yourself, the knocking of the blade against other metal objects will dull the knife and create nicks. 



Similar to olive oil, heat, humidity, and sunlight all weaken the efficacy of spices by breaking down the chemical compounds that given them their distinct flavors and scents. To avoid them getting moldy, store them in airtight containers in cabinets away from your stove top. 



Are you one who keeps pretty canisters of sugar, flour, and pasta on your countertop? Here’s a tip: They’re called pantry staples for a reason. Rancid smells happen because the fats in whole grain flours oxidize when exposed to air and moisture, so proper storage of flour is important for freshness and to achieve desired baking results. 



You may use them often, and they may lend to the aesthetic feel you’re trying to create, but over time cookbooks will be caked in indiscriminate kitchen grime, the covers may fade from sun exposure and the pages my stick together.