In Japan, There Is a Shrine for…Yes, Hemorrhoids

The vast majority of festivals in Japan are not unusual. Then, there are some that are referred to as “kisai" or "strange festival." This is one of those. Japan has well over 100,000 Shinto shrines, but Kunigami Shrine is the only one that deals with hemorrhoids. Tradition states that those who washed their backsides and then ate egg offerings would be cured of hemorrhoids. The festival ceased back in 1988, but two years ago, it was revived. These days, instead of cleaning in the river, there's a "Butt Washing Stone" on the shrine's grounds. Participants turn their backsides to the stone and chant to cure their butts or to ensure that they never get hemorrhoids. This particular festival and shrine are an enjoyable festival, with everyone having a good time. Who knew hemorrhoids could be so much fun?