Pizza Farms Actually Exist, and They're a Little Slice Of Heaven

What do you imagine when you hear the phrase "pizza farm?" A field of thin, crispy crusts? Tomato sauce lightly fading out to the horizon? Sprouts of mozzarella cheese randomly dotting the landscape? Light oil glistening in the sun? Just the phrase "pizza farm" sounds like something out of a Dr. Seuss book. Automatically you imagine machines cultivating slices of cheese and pepperoni pizza. A pizza farm is actually a farm that serves pizzas made from ingredients grown right there in the area, either on the farm's property or on neighboring properties. Sometimes the crops and livestock pens are even organized into "slices," made into the shape of a giant pizza. Most of these farms host pizza nights where the pizza of your choice is cooked in an outdoor brick oven. The reason people flock to pizza farms is because you can’t get any fresher pizza. A bonus of visiting pizza farms is that you’re supporting local businesses, which is more important now than ever. There's nothing better than hanging out in the fresh air, away from the city, with good food and good friends. So, throw down a blanket, bring some lawn chairs, whatever you need, and let's eat — pizza — drink and be merry.