M&Ms: The Latest Absurd Moral Panic

Moral panic has become a part of everyday life in our society today. They tend to appear suddenly — horrifying and shocking some segment of the population — and then just as suddenly, they’re gone. In case you’re not familiar with them, some include subliminal sex messages baked into Ritz crackers, cellphones giving us brain cancer, killer bees, and "racy lyrics" in Christmas songs. The latest moral panic happens to involve the iconic M&M “spokescandies.” Mars Company had no idea they were creating controversy when they opted to exchange the green M&M character’s white go-go boots for white sneakers. Trying to keep up with the diversity nonsense of the day, the company said they were “creating a world where everyone feels they belong.” Apparently, that upset a group of snowflakes who have nothing better to do than look for discrimination — even in candy. As you might imagine, Mars quickly backpedaled, saying they are putting their M&M spokescandies on “indefinite pause.” So, there you have it — even an M&M's shoes can be polarizing.