How To Get Fired 101

A TikTok user has sparked debate after sharing a video in which she claims to be eating a customer’s food while delivering for DoorDash (unfortunately, the video has been removed). Apparently, the unidentified driver decided to eat the food after the customer requested the “Hand it to me” option, but refused to meet her downstairs. The video immediately spurred a range of opinions from many who opposed the alleged actions and those who simply found it funny. Many argued that such a video would undoubtedly get the driver fired. Others cited the footage as one of many reasons they choose not to tip their delivery drivers. Some argued that they’ve been unable to meet their drivers due to health-related issues and fear being punished because of it. One woman even offered that she’s pregnant, lives on the 8th floor, and the elevator is out as her reason for not meeting a driver. At least one commenter said a refund should be issued to the customer. So far, there’s been no word on what actually ended up happening to the driver, if anything. Drivers eating their customers’ food is a very real phenomenon. A study conducted last year found that at least 28% of delivery drivers admitted to eating their customers’ orders. There’s been no word from DoorDash on this particular incident.