Man Sick of Telemarketing Calls Changes His Name

Fed up with cold-calling telemarketers, Tim Price of Leicester in the UK, decided to take drastic action by changing his last name to Pppppppppprice — pronounced Per-per-per-per-per-per-per-per-per-per-rice. Because his number is on the Telephone Preference Service, the UK’s version of the Do Not Call Registry — Tim is unsure of how his name made it onto the list of telemarketers. The 59-year-old said it was worth the £100 ($115.51) it cost to legally change his name, as well as changing his driver’s license and passport. His hope is that telemarketers will see his name on their list and opt to pass him by for fear of having to pronounce the nearly unpronounceable name. Today, he says he doesn’t regret changing his name, though it hasn’t been accepted by everyone. “I have two brothers. One of them thinks it’s funny, while the other one isn’t speaking to me,” he said.