Bada Bing Bada Boom — Where Did It Come From?

Bada bing bada boom is a slang phrase, especially used by Italians, to wrap up a story, similar to the phrase “long story short.” The origin of the phrase is quite simple. Brooklyn-based Italian-American comedian Pat Cooper — born Pasquale Caputo — is known for his “Brooklynisms” and phrases like “fuhgeddaboudit.” Bada bing bada boom appeared in his 1958 routine The Italian Wedding, where Cooper mentions the phrase in a description of two relatives eating capicola (salami) sandwiches. As the years went on, the phrase became more and more entrenched in the American lingo, especially around New Jersey and New York City. The expression also became associated with the Italian mafia, and appears in several motion pictures centered around the crime syndicate. The biggest mistake most people make with this phrase is putting the boom before the bing — the correct phrase is bada BING bada BOOM!