Australian Family Refuses To Sell To Developer

A family in suburban Sydney, Australia, has refused millions of dollars from a developer so they can remain on a massive strip of land they own and retain their dream house. David and Diane Zammit have watched as all of their neighbors sold their homes and moved out in order to make way for The Ponds, a development of detached homes. The Zammits’ 5-acre property was valued at around $4.75 million 10 years ago, but the land is worth $40 million plus to the developers, who could squeeze 40 new $1 million homes into the space. The Zammit property has 5 bedrooms and boasts a large triple garage where David, who runs a successful trucking company, houses his vehicles, including a classic Ford Falcon XR6. The home is surrounded by fencing to hold back the ongoing construction work that’s erupting around them. While developers continue to make offers, the family says, “Tell ‘em they’re dreamin’.”