Your Old BlackBerry Phone Won't Work Anymore

In September 2020, BlackBerry announced that the days of its classic devices were numbered. On January 4, 2022, they made good on their announcement. BlackBerry operating systems 7.1 and earlier, BlackBerry 10, and BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 and earlier have all stopped working — meaning that any electronics that use those systems have stopped working as well. That means no phone calls, no text messages, no data usage, etc. Not even 911 calls will get through. You could call it the end of an era. BlackBerry revolutionized the cell phone game around the turn of the century, introducing devices with full keyboards several years before Apple and Google broke into the market. Corporate America — as well as celebrities, privileged kids, and those with money to burn — became so addicted to their BlackBerries that a catchy nickname emerged: “CrackBerries.” Not only do you rarely see BlackBerries in people's hands these days, but the company itself pivoted away from manufacturing new phones back in 2016 and hasn’t released a new operating system since 2013. So, you could say that the era actually ended quite a while ago.