The Story Behind Colorado’s Most Famous Resident

Every March, the city of Nederland, Colorado, celebrates Frozen Dead Guy Days, inspired by the bizarre tale of the town’s most famous — although deceased — resident. For 27 years, Frozen Dead Guy’s body has, in theory, been cryogenically preserved on dry ice in the mountains overlooking the town. The only way to see him is to go with resident Brad Wickham, who is paid to keep the guy on ice. The story goes that Bredo Morstoel was a minor public official in Norway, and when he died in 1989, his grandson, Trygve Bauge, had him cryogenically preserved in the hopes he could one day be re-animated. The body was eventually moved to Nederland, where Bauge had plans to build his own cryonics lab unit. Unfortunately, he was deported. Now, Bauge pays Wickham $9,000 a year to buy and deliver between 900 to 1,200 pounds of dry ice every two weeks and cover his grandfather's frozen sarcophagus. It’s basically a thin metal casket that’s been chained down to prevent theft. When Frozen Dead Guy Day rolls around, residents are treated to live bands, food vendors, coffin racing, polar plunging, and frozen turkey bowling. This year, the event will take place March 18-19.