Lay's Is Redefining the Snack Game With Its New Crispy Layers Bites

When people say “potato chip,” the first brand that comes to mind is often Lay's. That’s because Lay’s chips are a classic for cookouts, parties, or as a side to sandwiches. To keep it interesting, Lay’s offers their chips in a variety of flavors, but now they’re introducing a new style to their chips. The new twist is called “Layers” and they're described as a rounder, puffier version of the chips we know and love, with a squiggly layer of chip that runs through the circle. The flavors are sour cream and onion, as well as three-cheese. The snacks come in 4.75 oz. bags for $4, 1.75 oz bags for $2, and 0.5 oz. bags that you can buy two for $1. Lay’s Layers will be available in mid-January anywhere you normally buy your potato chips, but if you’re craving a taste right away, they’re available for purchase online at Walmart, Amazon, or