The Newest Term To Hit the Offensive List: Master Bedroom

Fans of TV shows featuring house-hunting, flipping, or home improvement may have noticed a new term popping up in more recent episodes: “primary bedroom.” Simply put, it’s the largest bedroom in a home. It used to be called the “master bedroom,” but now — thanks to the oversensitive — it’s being associated with slavery. Other whiners say use of the term refers to a male head of household who has domain over the rest of the inhabitants. So, you can take your pick: it’s racist or sexist, your choice. In reality, the term “master bedroom” began in 1926, when it was used in a Modern Homes catalog by Sears, Roebuck and Co., when they sold kits with all the materials needed to build a house selected from the catalog. Given the timeframe, it doesn’t appear to be a direct reference to slavery, but rather a marketing technique designed to appeal to the “man of the house.” It may also have been used to reinforce the idea that owning your own home would elevate your status in society.