The Competition Where People Do Nothing

In South Korea, there’s one day every year where doing nothing becomes a competitive sport. Held during the last week of May, the Space-Out Competition seeks people who are comfortable with vegging out. Typically held in parks, dozens of people sit in silence on the ground, confined to individual mats, surrounded by the tranquility of nature. The participants do nothing but sit quietly, hoping to win the championship title as the most zoned out. For 90 minutes, contestants have to be as zen as they can be, while event staff goes around taking their pulses at fixed intervals. The top 10 participants, selected by audience vote, are later ranked based on their pulse, and the one with the most stable heart rate wins the competition. It’s all about zoning out, but not so much that you would fall asleep, as that would get you disqualified. The winner of the competition walks away with a certificate, a trophy, and bragging rights.