Red-Nose Rage: Aggressive Deer Keeps Attacking Rudolph Decoration

According to the song, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer was famously left out of the reindeer games, with all of the other reindeer laughing and calling him names. However, at no point in the classic Christmas song do the other reindeer head-butt and stomp the living daylights out of Rudolph, but that’s what keeps happening to a Rudolph in Fort Nelson, B.C. Young male deer there can’t seem to tell the difference between a Christmas ornament and a rival buck competing for the attention of female deer. "Every year a buck in the area attacks him or hits and knocks him over and breaks him," said Arlene Chmelyk, who lives in Fort Nelson. The decoration is actually a 3D archery target that replicates the size and shape of a white-tailed deer. Chmelyk's family first put it up as a decoration five years ago, but she's not sure why it's realistic enough to keep fooling the actual deer that wander around her neighborhood every winter, especially since her husband added a red light bulb to its face. Her main theory is that the decoration is on display during rutting season when male bucks start competing with rivals for female attention, often with little regard to their surroundings. The replica does have a large set of antlers, which could make it a target. Chmelyk says her Rudolph has taken quite a few beatings over the years and has lost his head, legs and other body parts, which are then glued on again for another Christmas season. Chmelyk says that just like the real Rudolph, her version is resilient and will continue to shine brightly for years to come — no matter how much the neighborhood deer try to get rid of him.