People Are Leaving Their Car Doors and SUV Hatches Open For a Strange Reason

In what can only be described as one of the most counter-intuitive auto break-in prevention methods, people in the San Francisco Bay Area are leaving their parked cars with their doors unlocked and SUVs with their hatches open in order to discourage potential thieves. The area has seen a such an increase in vehicle break-ins in recent months that people have started taking out everything of value from their vehicles, unlocking the doors, and leaving the hatch of their SUV open to show would-be thieves they have nothing worth stealing. The idea is that it prevents thieves from breaking a window, just to look for valuables. Some car owners have even turned to signs in the windows that read “Please use the doors,” or “Please Do Not Break Glass!! Nothing Inside!!” Police, however, are warning people not to leave their car doors unlocked or their SUV hatches up. They say thieves can still get into the glove compartment and find information about where you live, which is an invitation to disaster.