Now There’s a Zero-Waste Burial — Thanks to Mushrooms

A new concept has recently started to gain in popularity, but is an alternative to traditional burial methods. Mushroom burial suits are organic cotton clothes with mushroom spores sewn into the fabric. Once buried, the mushroom spores help decompose the body. Not only do they eliminate waste, they turn the body toxins into enzymes. This natural process assures the remains won’t contaminate plant life or trickle into a water supply. Traditional burials use caskets coated with toxic preserves, and once buried they slowly decay into the earth, leaching toxins into the soil. These toxins remain in the soil and can negatively affect the area around the burial plot. Cremation requires extremely hot temperatures, which needs a lot of fuel. The smoke from cremation also releases chemicals into the atmosphere, further polluting the soil after burial. Mushroom burial suits cost approximately $1,500, and there’s only one company that makes them: Coeio. They also offer small burial pouches for pets for about $200. While not inexpensive, using a mushroom burial suit costs far less than the typical $6,000 to $9,000 traditional burial. To buy a mushroom burial suit, simply visit Coeio and follow the instructions to purchase a suit. You should store your suit in a dark, cool location and it will keep until you’re ready for burial. Actor Luke Perry, who died of a stroke in 2019, was buried in a mushroom suit because of his strong commitment to the environment.