Man Tries to Dodge Vaccine With Silicone Arm

A 50-year-old man in the town of Biella in northwest Italy showed up for his COVID-19 vaccine as instructed, but then things went south. Everything was fine until the nurse asked him to lift up his sleeve. He only partially revealed his upper arm, which the nurse thought was a bit odd. She became certain that something was rotten in Denmark when she touched the arm and felt it was the wrong texture. Realizing that she had touched something that wasn’t human skin, the nurse asked the man to uncover his arm completely. That’s when she discovered the arm was actually made of silicone. Unfortunately for the anti-vaxer, who only was only getting the vaccination so he could return to work, the nurse alerted her superiors, who then called the police. The genius who came up with the idea of using a fake silicone arm will most likely face criminal charges.