How a Little Compassion and TLC Changed a Man’s Life

Sometimes, a random encounter can lead to an opportunity that can change your life. That’s exactly what happened to 57-year-old Jose Antonio of Mallorca, Spain. When he was younger, he was an electrician, but a bout of depression eventually led him to being homeless. He lost his job, his willpower, and his hopes, falling deeper into depression. Eventually, he realized something needed to change, but it wasn’t something he could do alone. He turned to the one person who had never given up hope — Salva Garcia, owner of La Salvajeria, a local hair salon. For a while, Salva had been asking Jose if he wanted to come in for a haircut and makeover, but he always turned down the offer. Now he was ready to make a change and take control of his life. As soon as Jose accepted the offer, the salon team got ready for his big makeover, but it wasn’t until after it happened that Jose truly understood just how much he needed it. Once the makeover was complete, Jose began working on self-discipline. He sought medical help for his depression and for the first time in years has a stable job and steady income from a company that wants to help him get back on his feet. He now has his own apartment, no longer sleeping in the streets or in shelters. "I doubt any of these changes would have happened if it wasn't for the help of people like Salva Garcia and other locals who have assisted me. I'll be eternally grateful to them,” said Jose.