Host of Unsolved Crime Show Ends Up Being Murdered

Crimewatch is a documentary show in the UK that features detectives in a studio taking calls from viewers in an attempt to solve some of Britain’s biggest unsolved cases. Jill Dando was one of the hosts of the show. On the morning of April 26, 1999, Dando was shot dead outside her home in southwest London. Her body was discovered by a neighbor shortly after. The news, broken by her visibly shaken colleagues across their respective news stations, was that Jill had been stabbed, but that turned out not to be true. Jill’s cause of death was a single bullet to the head. Police believed the killer, deciding to shoot Dando in broad daylight and disappear before the neighbor who found her arrived, was carrying out a professional hit. The bullet itself had been tampered with, showing six indentations on the shell, possibly to remove powder to deaden the sound of the shot. Scientists could also tell there wasn’t a silencer used, and the whole situation was just odd. Witnesses were interviewed by police and the media, with one man claiming he didn’t hear a scream or a gunshot, but saw a man walking calmly away from the scene. Dando's murder prompted the biggest murder investigation ever conducted by the Metropolitan Police since the hunt for the Yorkshire Ripper. A local man, Barry George, was eventually arrested and charged with the murder. He was convicted and imprisoned for the murder, but after eight years in prison he was acquitted following an appeal and retrial. Mystery has surrounded Dando’s death for years, with the hunt for the killer overtaking the manpower of the Metropolitan police. Even 22 years later, the officers involved in the original case say they don’t believe they’ll ever catch the killer.