Greenland: The Country That Manages Fine Without Roads

Unless we can manage to invent flying vehicles for the bulk of the population, roads seem an unavoidable — unless, of course, you live in Greenland. That’s because there are no roads connecting towns in Greenland. Instead, cities and settlements are tightly knit through an invisible network of fast airline routes that crisscross over the Ice Sheet and along the coastlines. This net of routes is vital, bringing the world to Greenland and Greenland to the world and linking the people with one another. In Greenland, the roads are in the clouds. Air Greenland is Greenland’s principal airline, offering a fleet of 35 fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters that offer flights to and from Greenland. With virtually no railways, no inland waterways, and no roads, air travel or dog sled are your only options. There’s only 90 miles of roads in the entire country and only 40 miles of those roads are paved. There are no highways at all. Tourists who visit Greenland predominantly arrive by cruise ship. So, if you’re afraid of water or flying, you won’t be visiting Greenland anytime soon.