Engineers To Fix Golden Gate Bridge’s Strange “Humming” Sound in 2022

Spanning majestically across the San Francisco Bay, the Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most famous and picturesque sights on the West Coast, but for two years it's also been emitting a strange sound that will finally be silenced in the coming months. Construction in 2020 to stabilize the bridge during strong winds installed thin slats between the handrail and driving deck, but in those gusty winds the slats have given the bridge an unexpected and unwanted side effect — a strange humming sound. Scientists have now come up with a way to silence the hum. In 2022, crews will make another addition to the bridge — thousands of U-shaped aluminum clips, about an eighth of an inch with rubber inserts, which will silence the hum. Officials say the work will take about six months and should be completed sometime in late 2022. It will cost about $450,000.