Thousands Of Bees Removed From Vacant Atlanta Home

Thousands of bees were removed from a vacant house in Atlanta after neighbors said they lived in fear of the insects for several weeks. Residents living near the empty home said they first started noticing bees swarming around it in the spring, and the number of insects had been gradually increasing ever since. A bee removal service hired by the property owner arrived last week and removed thousands of bees from the exterior and interior of the home. Workers said they removed an estimated 98% of the bees. Dave Marshall, Director of the Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association, said the property owner did the right thing by hiring a professional service to perform the removal. "Somebody could try and kill them on their own, but it's really not a good idea," said Marshall. The Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association said attempts at amateur bee removal also could result in a foul smell from thousands of dead bees inside the walls of a structure, and the honey left behind by the felled insects could attract rodents or other pests.