The World’s Only Armless Professional Sports Driver

Despite losing both arms in a tragic accident, a motorsports enthusiast has managed to pursue his passion by using his feet to drive cars and even competing against able-bodied drivers in drifting competitions. Bartek Ostalowski lost both his arms in a motorcycle accident in 2006, but that wasn’t enough to kill his dream of one day becoming a professional racecar driver. Finding himself armless at just 20 years old and faced with the daunting task of learning to drive a car on a race circuit, Bartek, mustered the courage and the drive to push on, and in three years time he became a master of maneuvering a racecar with his feet. Today, he's the world’s only professional sport driver who drives using his feet. In order to deal with his physical limitations, Bartek modified his Nissan Skyline GT-R racecar according to his needs, adding a new engine, an independent gearbox, and stronger transmission. The ambitious Polish driver uses his right foot to control the pedals, while steering with his left one. The automatic is controlled with the shoulder. Bartek Ostalowski is nothing short of a real-life superhero and an inspiration to people with disabilities all around the world. He is living proof that if you truly want to achieve something, you can overcome even seemingly insurmountable challenges.